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Saying Goodbye to Leonard

Updated: Apr 25, 2019

Since retiring, I have been luxuriating in a daily morning ritual of reading and writing. Recently, that's centred around "Flame", a posthumous collection of Leonard Cohen's poetry, songs, and notes from his journals. But now I'm coming to the end.

I am saying goodbye to Leonard

he's been a good friend to me

he doesn't know, and could give a damn

but I'm reading his words for free

They spill out around me and slither and writhe

they go "a thousand kisses deep"

they cause me to feel like a two-bit ham

but I'm reading his words for free

Does anyone know where a poet's soul goes

when it crosses the darkening sea

there's a breadcrumb trail that's been tossed on the waves

but I'm reading his words for free

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