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The Life of Brian ...

     Until recently, I was known primarily as a parish priest in the Anglican Church of Canada, the rector of St. Stephen's Church in Calgary. It was a role for which I was well suited and which, mostly, I enjoyed. 

     But there were always other callings--paths I neglected while pursuing my chosen vocation. Now, finally, having left the church, I am free to pursue them ... and to share them with you!

     I am a writer, a musician, and a podcaster. I pursue these interests with a kind of awe--that I get to do them at all! And when I do, the world seems, in some small measure, a better place.

     But I had to leave one life in order to find the other. Here's an interview about that journey with Liz Wiltzen on her podcast Tracking Yes:

Tracking-Yes-interviewLiz Wiltzen
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