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In Search of Understanding


Thanks for visiting my Blog page. It began back in 2019, offering reflections on life that bubbled up from the various creative projects I was working on. 


Then, it became something else. Having spent my entire life in the church, and the last forty years as an ordained minister, I found myself processing that experience through the musings in my blogs.

Now, it's moved beyond that to become an exploration of the new terrain "on the other side of church land." Death and dying, spiritual resilience, guides and mentors--how do we find our way along the Unknown Path?

I've now linked the blog to my bi-weekly podcast. The two will reflect the same theme, the blog providing a link so you can listen to the episode. 

Each blog invites you to respond with a comment or a question. I hope you'll do that, turning a monologue into a conversation. It's richer that way, and less lonely. 

If you'd like to receive new blogs directly to your email inbox, including the link to the podcast, please fill out the subscription form on my Home page. A new blog is posted every other Sunday. 

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