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The Mystic Cave ... Podcast

The Mystic Cave podcast is a sanctuary for the seeker: stories, conversations and reflections on the spiritual journey ... on the other side of church land.

I begin with a manifesto of sorts, recounting my experience as a frustrated seeker within the church, which sets up the episodes that follow.


I offer a serialized reading of my recent memoir, Lost Rites: Leaving Church Land, about my life in the church. It tells the story of how I loved the church but, in the end, felt I had to leave it.

I interview fellow seekers about their experience of this Unknown Path--their stories, their wisdom, and their insights along the road less travelled.

I also offer stories, personal reflections, and original tunes, to engage and to entertain you. 

But it all starts with the first episode, "Burying the Dead." Click on the link below to give it a listen. If you like what you hear, the link beneath that will take you directly to the podcast web site and to the rest of the episodes. 

Episode one: Burying the DeadBrian E Pearson
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