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Reeling in the Years

There are now a number of apps that artificially age your face and give you an idea of what's to come. For a young person this could be quite a hoot. But for those of us already there, we know what's coming, and we don't really need to make it more real than it already is!

I just turned sixty-six. It's just a number. But it does represent the lifetime of knocks and bruises that show up in the lines on my face. It also represents the joys, in the abundant laugh lines around my eyes. It's been a good ride, and it's only getting better.

While I have to step more carefully now to protect my back, and hike with poles to cushion my knees, and clear my mind to recall the name of the person I'm talking to, I also feel less distracted and more present to whatever I'm doing. There is still a light those eyes, even at times a sparkle, and an active curiosity to take it all in. I am liking this life, and this age!

The first draft of my memoir is now completed, and it deepens my sense of gratitude for the many blessings I have received along the way. Because the memoir focuses on my life in the church, there are of course disappointments and frustrations as I look back. But mainly, there are blessings.

So I don't need an app to show me my old age. I'm getting there just fine on my own! Besides, I like the lines that define my face. They show not only that I've lived, but also that I'm still living. Happy Birthday to me ... and to you! We're only getting better.

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