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Franz Kafka ("Parables & Paradoxes")

Franz Kafka, Bohemian writer (1883-1924)


I gave orders for my horse to be brought round from the stables. The servant did not understand me. I myself went to the stable, saddled my horse and mounted. In the distance I heard a bugle call, I asked him what this meant. He knew nothing and had heard nothing. At the gate he stopped me, asking: “Where are you riding to, master?”

“I don’t know,” I said, “Only away from here, away from here. Always away from here, only by doing so can I reach my destination.”

“And so you know your destination?" he asked.

“Yes,” I answered, “didn’t I say so? Away-From-Here, that is my destination."

“You have no provisions with you,” he said.

“I need none,” I said, “The journey is so long that I must die of hunger if I don’t get anything on the way. No provisions can save me. For it is, fortunately, a truly immense journey.”

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