Thanks for visiting my site. I now call it the Mystic Cave (since the creation of my new basement studio of the same name). Here I bring you up to date on my various projects--literary, musical, and on social media.


I can now invite you to "The Mystic Cave" podcast​! Created early in 2021, the program features the audio book version of my memoir, Lost Ritesinterviews with guides to the spiritual landscape "on the other side of church land"; and music and stories to uplift and entertain you.

My weekly blog (for which you can sign up using the form on this page) now mirrors the content of my podcast, with a link to each new episode right there on the page. 

Musically, I'm still working on my next album, Back to the Wood, an all-acoustic collection of original songs. I play banjo and mandolin on a few tracks, just to keep me on my toes!


My eclectic 2018 album, Let the Dogs Run Free, is still available on iTunes, CD Baby, Spotify, Google Music, etc., and also as a hold-in-your-hand CD, which you can order from this site. 


I've also added a new way for us to connect: The Mystic Cave group on Facebook. Take a peek. If it calls to you, join up and join in.

Thanks for visiting me here. There's always lots going on  ... here in the Cave.


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