Thanks for visiting my site, which brings you up to date on my various writing projects, both literary and musical.


My recent book of personal essays, Pie Face Boy: In Search of Soul, seems to have run its course, which is a sad thing. But it was well received, and fun to write. 

I've now finished the manuscript for my new book, titled, Lost Rites: Leaving Church Land. I'm trying to figure out why, after 38 years in the ministry and a lifetime in the church, I now feel I'm "done" with the church.

While I shop the memoir around to literary agents and publishers, I'm working on a novel, part murder mystery, part character study, provisionally titled, Way, as in the Quaker saying, "Way opens; Way closes." It even includes a song or two. 

Musically, I've started work on my new album, Back to the Wood, an all-acoustic collection of original songs. I'll be playing mandolin and banjo on a few tracks, even while I'm still trying to learn them! 


My eclectic 2018 album, Let the Dogs Run Free, is still available on iTunes, CD Baby, Spotify, Google Music, etc., and also as a hold-in-your-hand CD, which you can order from this site. 

I've also resurrected my blog, a weekly distillation of musings and observa-tions you're welcome to comment on. If you'd like to receive the blog directly to your email inbox please fill in the form below.


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