Ahead in '19 ... 


Since the completion of my album, Let the Dogs Run Free, I am moving on to record two albums-worth of new material. 

One album, provisionally called, "Back to the Wood," will be roots-oriented and entirely acoustic. The other will be electric with more of a swing and jazz feel to it. 

The Cow Pies, my Stampede band, will have two gigs during this year's Calgary Stampede, which is always a hoot. 

Meanwhile, I have begun a collaboration with a friend and colleague in minis-try to explore in writing, perhaps for publication, what we experience as the death of the church.


This is a sad and difficult topic, and we are not the first to address it. But we feel a strong push to ask how we got here, and what the future might be for an institu-tional expression of Christianity, if there is any. 

To get from here to the CD's and the possibility of a new book, there is the Man Cave recording studio to be renovated, and much exploratory writing to be done. 

So what am I doing sitting here? Onward!